Emily Shafer Photography | About

  Hello! My name is Emily Shafer and I am a commercial photographer specializing in product photography, industrial photography, and on location portraits. I grew up in the wonderful hills of West Virginia with a childhood focused on a family owned business. My early exposure to that world heavily influences the way I approach photography today. It manifested the distinguished, core values of a small business where ambition, loyalty, and a little bit of dreaming are the keys to  success. My goal is to make photography accessible, and to collaborate with people as passionate about their small business as I am with my photography. 

  Graduating from Nossi College of Art with an Associates Degree in Commercial Photography, gave me a firm background in various forms of studio and location lighting. It has equipped me with versatility that enables an ability to think quickly on location, and use whatever necessary to get the job done! I use studio lighting, mixed with a balanced composition and contrasted colors, to create well crafted images. I have the ability to work wherever the job calls me, and you can expect to be greeted with an enthusiastic attitude!