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Everything is Bigger in Texas. . .

March 23, 2015  •  3 Comments

If you are interested in colossal sized equipment and Texas, this week's blog is for you! I recently attended the 2015 IFCEE show hosted by Deep Foundations Institute, ADSC, Geo-Institute of ASCE, and PDCA. I was honored to photograph the exhibit of Jimco Equipment Co. home of the John Henry Rock Drill, and while I was there I managed to meander off and try out some event photography. This show was made up of companies from all over the globe that share the common goal of laying out the groundwork for buildings, utility poles, bridges and just about any other project in need of a firm foundation. The men and women who attended, make it possible to have roadways, skyscrapers, and bridges available for our modern society to use. Without them and their machines, megastructures could not be constructed because of the rock, sand, and ground that blocks foundations from being built. It was an eye opening show, and I learned about a world that I take for granted everyday. 

To set the tone for these pictures, I must say that once started, the atmosphere was upbeat and eager to educate attendees who approach their booth. Each company took time and effort into presenting themselves in their best light. Everyone shines up their machines, puts a smile on their face, and enthusiastically awaits meeting their future customers. Although the weather was unpredictable this past week in San Antonio, the salesmen stayed positive and remained with their vividly decorated perimeters. 

The first group of photos were taken in the Indoor Exhibit Area at the JW Marriot Hill Country Resort and Spa in San Antonio Texas. This consisted of business' who create parts for the machines outside, contractors, engineering companies, and even a few magazine firms!

Here was the grand entrance of the IFCEE Show!

 Many people gathered in this conference room to hear leading industry experts give advice, lectures, and demonstrations on deep foundation related topics. 

When I saw this group talking, I had to take their picture! They were so cheerful despite the long hours of the day. 

This is one example of the many business cards that were traded among the people that week. 

To get to the outdoor exhibits, I traveled through the indoor exhibition hall and was greeted by double glass doors. I faced a Texas sized hill full of outdoor booths complete with equipment! It made a great photo full of different colors!  

I took this picture on the very first morning we arrived. The clouds were a fantastic backdrop to these massive machines! 

Here is the LTS John Henry Rock Drill mounted on their new Komatsu 138 model. They are venturing out into the deep foundation world where the application is used for repairing slips, tiebacks, and rock anchoring. It is compact, reliable, durable, and ready for any job!

This machine is a EK250SM from CZM Foundation Equipment, and was a show stopper to me personally. It is used for a large variety of jobs such as commercial buildings, transmission lines, or bridge foundations. 

 I believe this piece of equipment (Soilmec SR-75) caused quite a few stiff necks! I remember once we approached the hotel, I saw all of these bright colored booms (complete with flags) towering over the building. This one stuck out the most so I found it worthy of a picture! Thank goodness for wide angle lenses. . . 

Things kept looking up as I talked to one of the BAUER representatives, and he told me this had different attachments based for the different jobs it encounters.

The next category of photos shows how hands on the attendees got to be with the equipment!



Here are two guys examining this fine piece of equipment.

Everyone climbed all over the machines!

I was not the only photographer there that day! 

Although the John Henry may not have been the largest drill at the show, it caused quite a bit of excitement over the unique applications it offers. It's niche is horizontal drilling for rock anchors and tiebacks, but it also compliments the big auger drills. Once the auger hits hard rock,the John Henry can drill in a honeycomb pattern, allowing the auger to increase production.

This was a very common view!

Here is one of the very kind exhibitors offering me a buy one get one half off deal. . . it was very tempting.

This was a massive blog. . . but I think it made sense for this massive event! I truly enjoyed every second, and I hope you got a glimpse into the Deep Foundation World. I will be back soon with another blog. . . until then! 


Robert Wallen(non-registered)
Emily, your photos are so vibrant and really bring the show to life. Great job!
Lauren Nance, Events Manager for DFI(non-registered)
I worked the registration area during my time at IFCEE so I did not get to enjoy the outdoor exhibits much. Your photos made me feel like I was there - vivid, massive, awe-invoking. Great job.
Nancy Flowers(non-registered)
Thank you Emily for letting us have a glimpse into the trade show. The John Henry looked good ! You are doing a good job with your photos and commentaries.
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