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My Trip to Maine

December 06, 2016  •  1 Comment

A few months ago, I had a wonderful experience. I finally got to visit the rugged coastline of Maine. Just to inform you, I have had this trip on my mind for a good year and a half. This allowed me enough time to dream up landscapes, piece together Google images, and interview people on their past visits to Maine. I eventually came up with my own imaginary, visual expectation of what it would be like. 

I am a very visual person (obviously), and tend to be somewhat of a dreamer. When I want to go somewhere or have an idea to do something, I spend a large amount of time thinking about it. Whenever I thought of Maine, I would picture myself sitting on a massive, rocky coastline looking out into the vastness of the Atlantic Ocean. The rocks would be jagged, wet, and slippery from the ocean waves continually hurtling into them. I would feel a sharp breeze as I closed my eyes, and fantasized about smelling the poignant, ocean scent that can only be found on the coast, a little salty mixed with the constant recycling of fresh air. I would listen to the intimidating roar of the ocean, turn into a calm, harmonious melody the longer I stayed. When I was ready to head back to the mainland, I pictured myself walking through a forest burning bright with amber, golden, and ruby trees. I had quite some time to think didn't I?    

Some of that may be exaggerated, but now you understand the high expectations I had! I have good news to report, Maine met all of those dreams! It was a wonderful place to visit, and I plan on going back someday. In the meantime, I wanted to show you my take on Maine, and hopefully inspire you to go see it yourself! 

First Destination: Somewhere along the coast. 

This was my first day in Maine, and the first time I experienced a coastline like this. I have been to sandy beaches before where it was hot and sand was all over me, but had never seen a rocky shoreline. To be honest, before this trip I wasn't really an ocean girl. I remember this day vividly. In the beginning, I was a little hesitant of the ocean. The waves were crashing violently against the rocks, and water would spray up onto me. I was surprised at how loud and hectic it all was. I decided to take a break from crawling all over the boulders and sit down in the sunshine. Slowly, but surely the splashes turned into mist and the blasting noise of the ocean became soothing. It's chaos turned into beauty. Life became quiet and the ocean won me over.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA After some sightseeing, I naturally grew hungrier and hungrier. Luckily, there was a lobster shack serving up some fresh lobster rolls! (so convenient) Guess what I got?


- P.S. I didn't order three lobster rolls for myself, those were for family! I did however, order the whoopee pie. :) -

Evening's in Maine

The sunset's in Maine were fantastic, and will be carried with me in my memory for years to come. As the sun would drop, so would the temperature, resulting in the need for a nice, cozy fire. 

Everyone would settle down, bring their chairs to the shore, and watch the sun disappear. 

Even the birds enjoyed the sunset! 

Acadia National Park

One day we decided to take a drive. We started early in the morning, and drove through the precious town of Bar Harbor, along the misty coast, and up the zigzagging roads that eventually led us to Acadia National Park. When I thought about visiting this area, I figured I would end up having to search far and wide, scouring through visitor guides, Google maps, and asking locals where the 'real landscapes' are. To my surprise, all I had to do was get in the car and look out my window. Exquisite landscapes surrounded me. It was almost overwhelming, trying to decide what to take pictures of first. I relaxed and started photographing whatever my eye was drawn to. 

This is on top of Cadillac Mountain. I heard the sunrises were spectacular here! (Notice that I said heard not saw) OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

This little guy was precious, and I can not believe how close I was to him! He was however very sassy and temperamental. I think he said some mean things to me in squirrel . . . 

Typically, the way I approach my commercial and industrial photography is very thought out and planned. I usually end up planning at least a week ahead before a photo shoot. One of the greatest things about visiting Acadia was the ability to let go and take pictures as they came naturally. I used to practice that method all the time in my first semesters of college. While I do like pushing myself and seeing what I can create in a studio, it was a nice change to photograph things as they are. 

Looking back at it now, one of my favorite places was Sand Beach. Yes, this area was very populated with people who enjoyed it as much as I did, but it was such a beautiful and serene spot to be. In my mind this was the epitome of Maine. I was standing below gigantic cliffs looking up at their dense, jagged edges as the blue, frigid water continually beat upon the coast.  The longer I stood in the cold sand the more this sense of awe came over me. The cliffs formed a barrier, and for a second I saw the dark, harsh reality of the ocean. Then I looked beyond the steep, rocky walls, and saw a serene sunset beginning to form, filling the sky with quiet shades of oranges, yellows, and pinks. The colors weren't bold and assertive that evening, but delicate and gentle. Mist gradually mixed into the picture adding an ethereal veil dissolving the harshness of the cold, rugged cliffs. Sand Beach was a mesmerizing balancing act of harsh elements and soft details. 

Schoodic Point

 My last place of mentioning is Schoodic Point. It was a little farther and harder to get to, but I am so grateful to have gone. It was a dreary, wet, bitter day in Maine. Luckily, overcast days make for great pictures! Needless to say, it didn't slow me down any. 

I took a break from the nature photography, and focused on the important things of life, like Jeeps. 

That's "yours truly" enjoying the scenery. 

 I am thankful that I got to experience another wonderful part of God's creation. He has allowed me to see so many awe-inspiring places this year, and I am happy that He has given me a creative way to enjoy it through photography. This was a only a handful of the images I captured, but I hope it gave you an idea of what to expect when you go to Maine and hopefully a little inspiration as well! 





Nancy Flowers(non-registered)
Emily, I really enjoyed my adventure into Maine through your photography. These are such nice pictures that capture the beauty there. I especially like the ones you took randomly at Acadia. I also enjoyed reading about how you visualize your trips before you go there and seeing what a creative mind you have. You are an excellent photographer and these pictures look like post cards. Keep traveling and showing us the results.
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